Trails & Pasture

Willetts Horse Farm  Offers Acres of Riding  Trails and Pasture


trail riding 2Willetts Horse Farm is comprised of close to 70 acres of good riding.  Almost 20 acres is fenced in pasture for grazing. Willetts Horse Farm is the only farm in the area with good grazing for horses all year long.

All pastures are fence with post and rail fencing brought in from West Virginia. This fencing is secure and safe at the same time. There are no nails or boards to split or spinister. It is easy to replace and can therefore be done quickly, easily and often. All pastures are at least 14 foot apart to allow for mowing between pastures as well as eliminating “horse – play” over fences. Each pasture also has “Horse Guard”, a band with an electrical current to keep horses off the fence as well as keeping them from chewing it. This band  is placed inside the first rail as opposed to on top of it. This prevents deer from pulling it down when they jump pastures fences. It also keeps the horses from cutting their tongue or nose on a thin  wire.

Geldings and mares are pastured separately.

All pastures have water hydrants so that horses can have access to fresh water at all times.

Each pasture has a run-in shed with a fly system to allow horses to get out of the sun or bad weather.

All fencing is 30 feet from the closest tree line. This enables riders to ride around the entire facility. The part of the 70 acres that is still forest, has trails that have been cut through to enable riders to ride the entire 70 acres. There is even one hill (very rare in southeastern North Carolina) that can be used for conditioning.

trail ridingAcross the road are 2000 acres that was at one time owned by the International Paper Company. It has wonderful old logging roads for riders to trail ride on. You can ride from here to the Banana Boat Ice Cream shop in Boiling Springs on this property and back. It is about a three- hour ride. Local endurance riders use a 16- mile tract for conditioning.