Custom Care

Customized Care Willetts Horse Farm

Customized Care at Willetts Horse Farm

The staff at Willetts Horse Farm prides itself on their ability to provide individualized care. People who love and own horses are very individual about how they care for their horse.  There are many things that all horse owners might agree upon, but there are just as many where each owner has a preferred request. It might be a supplement, a turn out request etc.  Willetts Farm makes an effort to accommodate each request.

The staff at Willetts Farm is willing to assist each owner in providing the kind of care they would provide if their horse was in their backyard. Willetts Horse Farm provides a dependable schedule for all horses with as much of the “owners care” as possible. It is very important to Guy and Carol Willetts that each owner feels that their horse is safe and happy. Horses are as much of an individual as are their owners. What works for one horse may not work for another. It is Carol Willetts many years of experience with horses that allows the farm to excel in this area. Horses and owners are happy.