Horse Boarding

A Full Service Horse Boarding Facility in

Southeastern North Carolina

Willetts stablesStaff at Willetts  Horse  Farm  Boarding Facility strives  to  give  each  horse  the  individual  care  to enable  them to reach their fullest potential at whatever discipline their owners choose. Whether it is in the Dressage ring , on the cross-country course or just hacking trails around the farm we want them to be healthy and happy. We feed three times each day  so horses may have smaller amounts of feed allowing their digestive tracks to make the most of the nutrients in their feed. We feed Triple Crown but have access to other feeds as well. Willetts brings in timothy hay from Canada to avoid any potential colic situations with local hay. Boarders buy their own supplements and they are fed out by staff. All feed is mixed with soaked beet pulp. We do this to make sure all horses are hydrated (if beet pulp cannot be fed we simply add water) All feeding practices are based on a colic preventive program since we are three hours away from the vet hospital. All horses have plain white salt and a fly dispenser in their stalls should their owners desire to use it.

Summer and winter schedules are reversed so horses are out at night when it is cooler in the summer and in during the heat of the day. In the winter they are out during the day and in at night. The winter schedule includes a late night check when they get their third meal, stalls get picked, water topped off, additional hay for the night, doors closed and lights out. There is a barn manager in the apartment upstairs so 24- hour supervision is provided. We also do all the blanketing within reason that the owner may request.

All stalls are 12 by 12 and matted. Each stall has a ceiling fan and in the summer a box fan is added to each stall. Stalls are picked out at lunchtime and cleaned daily. Shavings are supplied as needed but all stalls have a nice base for horses to go down and nap.  Shavings are kept lighter in the summer than in the winter to help keep horses cooler in the hot weather.